Thursday, April 25, 2013

Questions & Answers about me #Part2

for this questions, i just randomly picked from friend's facebook notes

1)Will you answer these questions honestly?
- of course


2) Name: yohana/tia

3) Birthday: 12 feb 1994

4) Birthplace: on the bed
in hospital

5) Hair Colour: idk what it called....brown yellow? :s

6) Eye Colour: dark brown

7) Favourite Colour: BLUE!

Your Best Friend
Their name: Felicia :*

9) Do you hang out? exactly

10) Ever been to their house? no. i just ever went to her boarding house. her house is so far. in another island

11) Go to the same school? for school,YES! for college,NO :(

12) Do you know when their bitday is? If so, When is their Birthday? yes. 24 may

13)Do you know their secrets: i have no idea

14)Do they know your secret? not at all ;)

15)Are they smart? no.Lol. as stupid as me

16) Do they know where you live? yes

17) How do they go to school? walking. the campus is located across from her boarding house.

18) Do you have friends that are his friend: so many

19)Name something you like that he likes: bitch Lol xD

20) Name something he likes but you dislike: i have no idea again. she and me almost has the same tastefully in everything :)

21)When is the next time you hangout? idk. she still busy with her test

22)How long are their hair? about 40-60 cm. same with me again

23)Who has longer hair, you or them? check my previous answer


24)Are they smart? maybe

25)Does their name starts with an F? no

26)Does their first name consist of 7 letters? nope

27)When was the last time you talked to them? 11 days ago :(

28)Received any hugs? many times. but if I'm with him

29) Do you have their facebook? yes

30)How about their MSN? no

31)Their phone number? yes

32)Are they younger or older: younger

33)Hair colour: dark brown

34 What does their first name start with? K

*Second E

*Third V

*Fourth I

*Fifth N

*Sixth -

*Seventh -

*Eighth -

*Ninth -

*Others -

35)Have you given them anything? yes >///<

36)Have they given you anything? yes too >///<

37)Do they think your stupid? Lol.maybe

38)Do they know that you like them? yes :s

39) Do you think that they like you? nope :(


40) What time is it? 1:22 a.m

41) Most visited website? youtube

42)Lefty or righty: righty

43) What was your dream last night about: forget

44)What colour would you like your hair to be: blonde

45 Ready for more? yup yup :3



A Alexander

B Bryant

C Claudya

D Devina

E Ellen

F Fendy

G Gideon

H Hendra

I Indra

J Jessica

K Kevin :*

L Linda

M Merrie

N Nina

O Ongky

P Pio

Q Qirin

R Randy

S Stephen

T Tia (me)

U Ursulla

V Vella

W William

X Xena

Y Yoven

Z Zelin

Ok this is the end of part 2. and part 3 will be post soon. just to spare my insomnia time -_- i know you bored and wont to read this post because you don't care who i am and how about my life or what i like. i bet. :p but i don't know what i have to do so i just do this Q&A. thank you gracias xiexie!

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