Monday, April 29, 2013

Questions & Answers #Part6


Whos your best friend? I have many best friends

Have you lost any close friends? yup

When are you gonna see them next? Maybe when i go to my hometown soon

Which friend do you have the most inside jokes with? Almost of all

How many friends do you have? much

Are you popular? I think no


Siblings? Yonatan & Yohanes

Closest person to you in your family? My bro Yonatan

The one you look up to? idk

Parents names? Go Tju Tjien and Soesaniwati

Pets? Crown (Golden Retriever)

Do you live with your fam.? Now?no. I’m in another city

Most annoying one? Me K


Do you have a boyfriend? no

Married? No.but i want it now

What kind of phone do you have? Smartphone.blackberry

Favorite food? For now,indonesian food. Everything with sambal/chili/spicy

Favorite movie? Car race movie

Favorite color? blue

This or That

Mac or PC? PC

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Sun or rain? Sun

All alone or around people? Around people

Single or Taken? taken

Mountains or Beach? mountains

Skiing or surfing? skiing

Pale or tan? pale

Manicures or Pedicures? manicure

Prep or punk? prep

Pink or blue? Blue!

Sweatpants or jeans? sweatpants

Spanish or French? ESPANOL

Last time..

Last text? From Ronald

Last bf/gf? Steven

Last kiss? My friend initial R.C

Last conversation? My bro Yonatan

Last person you said goodbye to? Asing(this is his name)

Last time you cried? forget

Last thing you drank and ate? Indonesian food. Sambal Goreng Ati and mineral water

Last movie you watched? G.I Joe 2

Next time..

Next time you will see your lover? actually had been able to meet.but I’m unwell today.

Next time you will see your friends? Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday

Next time you are gonna party? Maybe next saturday

Next time you will make another note:)? Hereafter :p

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