Sunday, August 18, 2013

POTD dreaming to be a bride someday

so this is my photo of the day. i imagine like a bride. omg I'm too obsessed

*i used white sequin tank top from (forget) -_-
*necklace,bracelet,and ring is a gift from my cousin. she bought them in one of Indonesia island named "Lombok". Lombok in english is chili. ok.ignore it.that's not important
*bride & groom nail art made by me. inspired from one of my favorite beauty guru "bubz" i really obsessed with nail art since on middle school
*curling iron from Nova 26mm

*foundation revlon colorstay whipped cream number 240 natural being
*concealer maybelline clear smooth mineral
*maybelline clear smooth extra-shine free powder foundation
*maxfactor duo eyeshadow (i used the white side for my base eyeshadow. it make my eyeshadow color more thick)
*natural eyeshadow palette from japanese product (forget that name :p )
*maybelline black gel liner
*maybelline the falsies mascara
*false lashes from unknow
*maxfactor miracle touch liquid illusion foundation caramel 85 (i used this dark foundation for shading my cheek,jaws and my nose)
*peach blush on include in Japanese eyeshadow palette
*red lipbalm unknow

i know i know...tat is not a good eyeshadow. I still learing to use a eyeshadow. they really freaking me out. It's not as easy as i look some tutorial on youtube for asian eyes. have some solutions for meh? :"(

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