Saturday, September 7, 2013


3 August 2013
Metalic blue,white and silver simple nail art

7 August 2013
At Seaworld,Ancol,Jakarta,Indonesia

8 August 2013
At Taman Mini Indonesia Indah,Jakarta

9 August 2013
At Dufan,Jakarta

9 August 2013
Leopard blue and yellow nails art
At Dufan,Jakarta

13 August 2013
My accessories increase (~^ ^)~
bought them in Mangga Dua,Jakarta

13 August 2013
Wedding nails art. Bride & groom
Inspired by youtube beauty guru (bubzbeauty) really love her like my sister

13 August 2013
My little nail polishes collection :)

14 August 2013
Was made this minions from felt fabric and minion nail art
my cousin ask me to make this minion for him
he want to hanging it on her car

14 August 2013
Just self portrait
really weird face and panda eyes
OMG my eye bag! really freaking me out

15 August 2013
My lovely cross tattoo and my favorite bride and groom nails art

17 August 2013
Myself with much makeup xD
today was independent day on my country, Indonesia.

17 August 2013
self portrait again ._.

17 August 2013
really crazy about wedding
trying to made fake wedding photoshot with my DSLR
wearing white tank top with full sequins,pearl necklace,
pearl rings,and actually i wore pearl bracelet.they in 1 set
my cousin bought them for me from Lombok Island,Indonesia.
and made that wedding nails art,full makeup and hair do
all by my self :p

21 August 2013
3 minions from felt fabric
made by myself
blue and silver nails art

28 August 2013
New nail art experiment with tape and not totally succeed
because actually that stripes didn't perfect
but i proud of it
gonna practice and practice more and more

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