Thursday, September 5, 2013


so this is my bathroom routine on the weekend. i usually do it on the weekend or holiday.

first i was my hair with tresmme for hair fall shampoo and then i used tresmee hair mask about 2 minutes. then i rinse it with cold water.first impression about tresmee shampoo, they made my hair more smooth than before. it really really recommended ! =3
i bought the shampoo +- $4.5

when i'm done with hair, move to my body. i rub my body with Indonesian scrub. forget that price but it's so cheap. i'm wait for 15 minutes until the scrub are completely dry then rub all over my body with my hand and then use pumice stone for my feet

recently i bought this facial soap from pond's. i bought it because i feel my face was more dirty than before. there are more black head on my nose and under my mouth. it really freaking me out :s but soon I'll buy some mud masker to raised the pores.
then i wash my body twice. first i use biore body wash. but that's not really really biore in the bottle. maybe it's Lux or something else. ya,i use that because that soap make my skin dry so i will continue with the right one. Indonesia soap Citra with japanese rice. it have small particle in the soap and this soap really moist my body. it have good smell to. recommended to :)
almost done! don't forget to BRUSH YOUR TEETH! i'm using pepsodent whitening toothpaste.
after brush my teeth. ughh i hate this part but it make my breath fresh later. i gargle with one of this. pepsodent with mint aroma and listerin with orange aroma. i hate them because they make inside my mouth smarting and my tongue will feel thick :| cause of that, i always brush again my teeth and my tongue with clean toothbrush and gargle with mineral water 2 or 3 times.
bath section done. let's sit in front of the vanity. i moist my face with nivea soft moisturizer. i had a oily combination skin type and recently really drieeeeeeeeedddd >.< and this stuff really helped me :) cheap. about $1
for my chapped lips i'm using lip ice lipbalm and this is cheap too but i love it. they have sweet aroma and mint. so fresh.
use this fruttini body lotion with cherry vanilla for my body. smells really sweet and really good!! love it! $6.5
last!!! baby oil for my tattoo on my nape. for you girls if you had a tattoo, rub some babyoil on your tattoo but when they completely dry and already peel off . it make color of your tattoo better
ok that's all my bathroom routine that i usually do on the weekend :)
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