Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cartoon Nail Art

Cartoon Nail Art

here's some inspirations for you to make a cartoon nailart. there are so many way and much ideas. 
and now, there are 3D cartoon nailart too.
hello kitty and my melody is the most populer for girls.

for making this 2d cartoon nailart, you can buy some nailart tool or you can use this :

the tip of bobby pin. it have round tip to make a 'dot' so you don't have to buy dotting tools.
you can use it for make the eyes, polkadot pattern, etc.

or if you need something smaller, you can use toothpicks.

ok! that's enough for today. you can find your own way with your creativity to make a lot of nailart in your home and cheaper than you go to nail salon. :D
hope you like it, see ya and gracias amiga ^^

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