Sunday, August 18, 2013


hi hi hi everybadehhh i just made this really cute nails art a few days ago. this nails art was inspired from beauty guru on youtube named "bubzbeauty" she's really funny.i like that.
soooo back to the topic. from a few months ago I was so infatuated with marriage. LOL idk why i was wondering if someday i will wear a white gown with my husband beside me.ok ok you want to see my nails art,right? TADA! this is bride & groom nails art

they really really cute,huh? >.<
so do you think i have to make a nail art tutorial then post it in this blog? ok I'll try my best.

*white polish from O.P.I
*black Dierli
*silver noname

if you want to check her video. this is the link :

by the way silahkan dilihat olshop saya di instagram @Rivieranailart atau personal IG saya @YohanaTia
I sells custom fakenails for your special days!!

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